Open Defecation Free (ODF)

Open Defecation Free (ODF)

ODF is the termination of faecal-oral transmission, defined by:

  • No visible faeces found in the environment/village
  • Every household as well as public/community institutions using safe technology options for disposal of faeces.

Safe technology option means disposal of sewage without contaminating surface soil, groundwater or surface water; excreta inaccessible to flies or animals; no handling of fresh excreta; and freedom from odour and unsightly condition.

What is ODF+ & ODF ++

ODF+ and ODF++ were launched in August 2018 to further scale up and sustain the work undertaken by the cities after achieving the ODF status under Phase I of the Swachh Bharat Mission — Urban.

Both ODF+ and ODF++ are aimed towards the proper maintenance of toilet facilities and safe collection, conveyance, treatment/disposal of all faecal sludge and sewage


ODF+ focuses on toilets with water, maintenance and hygiene

ODF plus village is defined as “a village which sustains its ODF status, ensures solid and liquid waste management and is visually clean.”

This includes ensuring that all households in a village, as well as the Primary School, Panchayat Ghar and Anganwadi Centre, have access to a toilet and that all public places and at least 80% of households effectively manage their solid and liquid waste and have a minimal litter and minimal stagnant water

ODF ++

ODF++ focuses on toilets with sludge and septage management.

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