“Oxygen Express” Trains – Railways Waive off Few Charges

What is the News?

Indian Railways has decided to waive certain charges on ‘Oxygen Express’ trains. This decision is important due to the increase in demand for Liquid Oxygen from major hospitals across the country.

Oxygen Express:
  • Oxygen Express is a special train transporting liquid medical oxygen to states and Union Territories in cryogenic tankers.
  • It was started to meet the high demand for liquid Medical oxygen gas for the treatment of coronavirus patients.
Why Transport of Liquid Oxygen through train?
  • Transportation of oxygen through trains is faster over long distances than road transport.
  • Transportation through rail takes 2 days. On the other hand, transportation through the road takes 3 days.
  • Further, trains can run 24 hours a day but truck drivers need to take halts.
  • Oxygen in a cryogenic state is a hazardous chemical. Hence, Railways have to avoid sudden acceleration, deceleration to check pressures in between especially when it is in a loaded condition.

Source: The Hindu

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