Oxytocin at a fix: Reasons for Ban


  • Soon after the ban for the retailers, the Drug Controller plans to restrict manufacturing of controversial hormone drug Oxytocin, to Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs).
  • The Government of India banned retail sale of the hormone in 2014.
  • As per the orders of High Court, The manufacture and sale of Oxytocin without a license is cognizable.

Reason for ban

  • Extreme use of Oxytocin in milch animals and by farmers was causing irreversible hormone damage.
  • Use of Oxytocin without proper guidance is leading to early sterility in milch animals at an unprecedented rate.
  • One major reason for such excessive misuse of this drug is the absence of robust veterinary services in India.
  • The cost of procuring the Oxytocin injections was reported high, in spite of subsidized rates.


  • Despite Oxytocin being a Schedule H drug, it is impossible to prevent its manufacturing at registered private factories.
  • But it would be in the interest of the dairy industry and consumers to restrict manufacture and import of Oxytocin.


  • Oxytocin is a hormone that helps the process of maternity labor.
  • It also helps women and female mammals to produce milk.
  • It is used by diary owners and farmers to boost milk production and make vegetables look bigger and fresher.
  • The drug is often injected into cows and buffaloes twice a day, affecting their health as well of the humans who consumes their milk.
  • It opens up an array of physical and psychological effects and is commonly used to facilitate childbirth.
  • Oxytocin acts as both hormone and neurotransmitter.
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