Here is that elusive video, on a very private page. I intend to keep it that way :) This video was made, when I was a year younger. All names taken in the video are the trademark of their respective owner. Special thanks to Tanu Jain, who was the reason for calling this session. I hope that things said in the video make sense even in 2020. P.S. You must download and go through this file -  IAS Interview Preparation - Text of Chairman and this file - The three case studies of my life -  IAS Interview Case Study, before I begin to make some sense to you. Give it five to seven minutes and some pondering , before you hit play. Really Cheers! - Neyawn @@@@@@@@@@ Filling up DAF - Interview Orientation Video Part 2. In this video learn how Krishnan ensured 204 marks in the Interview by the dint of his hard work.