Painted Leopard Gecko: Gecko found in Andhra, Odisha turns out to be a new species

What is the News?

Researchers have identified a new species of Gecko named Eublepharis pictus also known as the Painted Leopard Gecko.

What is a Painted Leopard Gecko?
Painted Leopard Gecko
Source: Indian Express

Discovered in: 2017

Genus: It belongs to the gecko genus Eublepharis

Geographical Distribution: It appears to be a common species in the forests of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Habitat: This species lives in dry evergreen forests mixed with scrub and meadows. 

Nocturnal Species: It is strictly nocturnal, actively foraging along trails in the forest after dusk. 

Significance: With this new gecko species, the gecko genus Eublepharis now contains seven species. The new species differs from all members of the genus Eublepharis except for the East Indian Leopard Gecko.

– The Brahmani River, which runs through the Eastern Ghats separates it geographically from the East Indian Leopard Gecko with which it shares a lot of similar traits.

Threats: The species is collected for the pet trade and even now may be smuggled illegally. Hence, the authors of a study suggesting it to be listed under Near Threatened category of IUCN Red List.

Source: The post is based on the article “Gecko found in Andhra, Odisha turns out to be a new species” published in Business Standard on 3rd June 2022.

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