Panamaram heronry set to get a new lease of life

Source: The post is based on the article “Panamaram heronry set to get a new lease of lifepublished in The Hindu on 3rd November 2022.

What is the News?

Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB) and the Panamaram grama panchayat have joined hands to plant bamboo and vetiver saplings to stop the sandbank erosion around Panamaram heronry.

What is Panamaram Heronry?

Panamaram Heronry is the largest breeding ground of different species of herons in the Malabar region, Kerala.

It was formed on a sandbank on the Panamaram river. It is covered with vegetation, predominantly bamboo groves.

Note: Panamaram River is a tributary of the Kabani River along with Mananthavady, Babali, Noolpuzha and Nugu Rivers.

Significance: This is an important site for breeding 9 species of water birds which include species like black-headed-ibis, purple heron, large egret, median egret, little egret, pond heron, night heron, and little cormorant.

– The site is also the only location in the State where the cattle egret breeds.

Threats faced by the site: Destruction of bamboo groves after a massive blossoming of the plant and illegal sand mining near the site.

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