Panch prans for a better India

Source: The post is based on the article “Panch prans for a better India” published in The Hindu on 20th August 2022.

What is the News?

Recently, the Prime Minister laid out Panch Pran (Five Vows) to be completed by 2047 when India celebrates 100 years of Independence.

What are these Panch Pran?

These include, 1) Moving forward with bigger resolves and resolve of a developed India, 2) Erasing all traces of servitude, 3) Being proud of India’s legacy, 4) The strength of unity, 5) Duties of citizens including PM and CMs.

Panch Pran and its relevance in India

First Pran: It is about inculcating a culture of thinking big and at scale. The digital payments success story best illustrates the success of the first pran. In 2016, UPI was launched, followed by BHIM. In a few years, India had the largest number of digital payment transactions in the world.

The other examples are the world’s largest financial inclusion programme, the largest vaccination drive, the largest health insurance programme and the largest social security schemes.

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Second pran: It is about societal change and decolonising the minds of citizens. He stresses that the Western governance norms need not be followed blindly. For instance, after India’s engagement, the debate on Net Neutrality has ended in many countries.

Third pran: About taking pride in India’s civilisational heritage. India is having the world’s oldest civilisational sites, the most vibrant cultural and social festivities, the most diverse tourism sites and the oldest texts in literature and science.

Fourth pran: It is about unity and togetherness. It is vital to pool the strength of the nation towards one common goal and avoid parochial interests.

Fifth pran: Regarding the duties of citizen. Governments alone can rarely affect mass change unless people play a proactive role.

If considered intensely, the panch pran will serve India and can be a part of the national character. The Panch pran can be an agenda for a radical transformation of society and nation.

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