Panel ‘disappointed’ about no data on complaints resolved under PMFBY

Source: Down to Earth

Relevance: Issues with PMFBY

Synopsis: Grievance redressal mechanism set up under PMFBY suffers from various issues, thus impairing the overall efficiency of the scheme. A look at the issues involved and measures that can be taken.


The parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture was ‘surprised and disappointed’ to know that there was no data about the complaints resolved by grievance redressal committees (GRC) set up under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY).

About GRCs
  • This is a state and district level grievance redressal mechanism built into the PMFGY.
  • District Level Grievance Redressal Committees (DGRC) and State Level Grievance Redressal Committees (SGRC) have been formed under the revised operational guidelines of the scheme starting from the 2018-19 Rabi Season.
  • These are mandated to resolve the grievances of farmers, banks, insurance companies and district authority.
  • DGRC is headed by the District Magistrate/Collector while a state level GRC is headed by the Principal Secretary/Secretary of the Nodal Department.
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Panel identified following issues with GRC

  • No data about the complaints resolved by grievance redressal committees (GRC)
  • Non-establishment of GRCs by many of the States and UT’s: According to the report, so far only 15 states and Union territories have notified both DGRCs and SGRCs.
Recommendation of the panel
  • GRCs should be formed at different levels in all the remaining states and Union territories to resolve farmers’ grievances
  • Member of Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies should be nominated to DGRC which will increase accountability and improve acceptability of the scheme among farmers
  • A toll-free number of three-four digits should be provided for queries regarding PMFBY, registration of complaints by farmers and information regarding action taken on their complaints
  • Timely redressal: Complaints need to be addressed in a time bound manner
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