PARAM ANANTA Supercomputer commissioned at IIT, Gandhinagar

What is the News?

PARAM ANANTA, a state-of-the art Supercomputer has been commissioned at IIT Gandhinagar. 


PARAM ANANTA is a supercomputer capable of offering peak performance of 838 teraflops.

Established under: Phase 2 of the National Supercomputing Mission(NSM).

The technology used: It is based on Direct Contact Liquid Cooling technology to obtain a high power usage effectiveness and thereby reduce the operational cost.

Applications: Multiple applications from various scientific domains such as Weather and Climate, Bioinformatics, Computational Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics, Material Sciences, and Computational Fluid Dynamics have been installed on the system for the benefit of researchers. 

Significance: With Param Ananta, India now has 15 supercomputers with a combined performance capability of 24 petaflops.

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Source: The post is based on the articlePARAM ANANTA Supercomputer commissioned at IIT, Gandhinagarpublished in PIB on 30th May 2022.

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