Parvatmala-An efficient and safe alternate transport network

What is the News?

In Union Budget 2022-23, Union Finance Minister has announced that the National Ropeways Development Programme – “Parvatmala” will be initiated through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

What is the National Ropeways Development Programme?

Nodal Ministry: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH)

Aim: To develop Ropeways in hilly areas of the country in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

Around 8 ropeway projects for a length of 60 km would be awarded in 2022-23. 

The programme will also cover congested urban areas, where conventional mass transit systems are not feasible. 

The programme is being presently started in regions like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Jammu & Kashmir and the other North-Eastern states.

What are the benefits of Ropeways?

Economical mode of transportation: Given that ropeway projects are built in a straight line over hilly terrain, it results in lower land acquisition costs. Hence, despite having a higher cost of construction per km than roadways, ropeway projects construction cost may happen to be more economical than roadways. 

Faster mode of transportation: Owing to the aerial mode of transportation, ropeways have an advantage over roadway projects where ropeways can be built in a straight line, over a hilly terrain.

Environmentally friendly: Low dust emissions. Material containers can be designed to rule out any soiling of the environment.

Last-mile connectivity: Ropeway projects adopting 3S (a kind of cable car system) or equivalent technologies can transport 6000-8000 passengers per hour.

Ideal for difficult/challenging/sensitive terrain: This mode of transportation will enable mobility to people living in difficult areas and help them become part of the mainstream. 

Flexible: Transport of different materials – A ropeway allows for the simultaneous transport of different types of material.

Ability to handle large slopes: Ropeways and cableways (cable cranes) can handle large slopes and large differences in elevation. Where a road or railroad needs switchbacks or tunnels, a ropeway travels straight up and down the fall line. 

Source: This post is based on the article Parvatmala-An efficient and safe alternate transport network published in PIB on 8th Feb 2022.

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