Passport To Justice: Can AI Help Cut Pendency Dramatically?

Source: The post is based on the article “Passport To Justice: Can AI Help Cut Pendency Dramatically?” published in The Times of India on 19th December 2022.

Syllabus: GS 3 – Science and Technology

Relevance: use of AI in solving pendency of cases

News: India has a large pendency of cases and it takes a lot of time to hear them and provide judgment. Therefore, artificial intelligence techniques can be used to provide on time judgment.

How can Artificial Intelligence be helpful in solving cases?

Argentina has created Prometea software. It has been developed by the University of Buenos Aires in partnership with the public prosecutor and the constitutional court. It has three primary components –

First, a talkable user-friendly interface with a natural language processor for audio or text inputs so that it can be used by a clerk as well as by a judge. It can also be helpful in creating reports and graphs, providing solutions, sending notifications, doing deep internet search, etc.

Second, expert automation to draft judgments and provide recommendations. It uses No black box AI to provide transparent and clear assumptions, thereby preventing its misuse.

Third, machine learning for improving accuracy and reducing time in the future and to adapt to new types of cases. This is important to ensure that the software evolves as new judges and case law arise.

What are the advantages of this software?

  1. a) higher success rates, b)predict a judgment in 20 seconds with 96% accuracy, c) can create multiple versions of the judgment which the judge has to just sign, d) operates on the entire range of court process from filing cases, scheduling it and creation of the verdict.

How can this software be helpful for India?

India has currently digitised its passport system unlike before where people used to stand in queues and wait for long hours, today everything is done digitally.

Similarly, this software can also be helpful in digitising the Indian judiciary and help in resolving the problem of pendency of cases. Therefore, there is a need for the Indian judiciary to adopt software like Prometea in its working.

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