Perfecting the test

Source – The Hindu

Relevance – Regulatory bodies are taking steps to ensure continuity of education, in times of pandemics.

Synopsis – An analysis of CBSE’s New Assessment Scheme For Classes 10 and 12 Exams For 2021-22 Session

  • In the wake of the current pandemic, the CBSE has issued a new assessment scheme for Class 10 and 12 students for the academic year 2021-22.
  • The board established a basket of four alternatives for how the final results will be computed based on four distinct probable circumstances.

Key features-

The board has declared that the curriculum would be reduced. Further, board exams will be held twice a year in various forms.

Continuous recording of internal assessment scores will be ensured in order to provide a range of choices for calculating a final score at the end of the year.

  • The academic year 2021-22 is divided into two terms. Each semester will cover half of the curriculum, culminating in board examinations at the conclusion of each term.
The four possible scenarios-
  • First – If the COVID situation permit, both terms exams will be held in person-
    • Term 1 [held in school between November-December] – It will be a 90-minute with MCQ multiple-choice questions only.
    • Term 2 [held in examination centers in March-April 2022] – It will be a two-hour exam with various question formats.
  • Second, if schools are closed for Term 1- The Term 1 exams will be conducted online and Term 2 can be held at the centres. The weighting of term 1 in the final scores would be decreased.
  • Third, if schools closed in term 2 – Term 1 exams are held in school and Term 2 exams will be conducted online in the MCQ format. The weightage of marks of Term 1 will be increased.
  • Forth, neither of the term exams can be held at schools and centers- The results will be computed on the basis of internal assessments and practicals and theory marks of both Terms exams taken online.


  • Not all students able to complete their syllabus or attend online classes.
  • Criticism related to MCQ based examination
Way forward-
  • The worst-case scenario underscores the need for the proper online lessons for all the classes.
  • A decentralized method, allowing regional CBSE units and external experts to examine the status of certain districts and come up with evaluations adapted to a specific situation, might be a supplement to the MCQ pattern.
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