Pesticides Management Bill (PMB), 2020

The Pesticides Management Bill (PMB), 2020 was introduced in the Rajya Sabha in March 2020. It seeks to replace the Insecticides Act, 1968.


  • Aim: To protect the interest of farmers and ensure they get safe and effective pesticides.
  • Key Features:
    • Information to Framers: Farmers would be empowered to get all information regarding the available pesticides, their strength, weaknesses, and risks from the dealers
    • Registration: Any person who wants to import, manufacture, or export pesticides would have to register under the new bill and provide all details regarding expected performance, efficacy, safety, usage instructions
    • Compensation: Provision to provide compensation if there is any farm loss because of low quality or spurious pesticides.
    • Information for public: All the information regarding the available pesticides would be available in the public
Additional Information: The Insecticides Act, 1968 currently governs the registration, manufacturing, export, sale and use of pesticides in India.
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