Our Philosophy

We started our journey of guiding aspirants in 2012, when we founded ForumIAS.com.

We are completely boot-strapped, self-funded, and are NOT owned by a Chinese company.

We try to do good work, help people and create a sustainable business where our students find value in things we do.

We take great efforts in building a community for Civil Services preparation on our free platform forumias.com. We continue to believe in peer learning.

And we put even greater efforts in making the Academy a serious, academically oriented, rigorous training organization that gives value to its students, not just free stuff.

We are sometimes strict with our students, make them wake up at 7AM, so that they develop the discipline to clear this exam.

We don’t (and won’t) do everything for free.

Here is why

Q.47) If a commodity is provided free to the public by the Government, then

(a) the opportunity cost is zero.
(b) the opportunity cost is ignored.
(c) the opportunity cost is transferred from the consumers of the product to the tax-paying public.
(d) the opportunity cost is transferred from the consumers of the product to the Government.

Source : Civil Services Preliminary Examination, 2018 | Correct Answer as per the Official UPSC key : [C]

We spend everything that we earn on delivering services to our students, keeping a small margin.

We have been there since 8 9 10 11 years now, and we have delivered results.

We will always focus on doing things that help people succeed.

And we’ll bank on your word of mouth support for our growth.

We are an academic institute first, a technology company second, a knowledge and social media company third, and we’ll never be an advertising  company.

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