PIOs make ‘mini-world Parliament’ 

PIOs make ‘mini-world Parliament’ 


First PIO Parliamentarian Conference

What did external affair minister say?

  • Speaking at the “First PIO Parliamentarian Conference”, External Affairs Minister SushmaSwaraj urged the legislators and political figures to consider what kind of contribution they could make for India’s global ambition
  • Introducing the theme of the event, Ms.Swaraj reminded the guests of the contribution of former Prime Minister AtalBihari Vajpayee in starting the annual PravasiBharatiya Divas, and appreciated the political awareness of the people of Indian origin in various countries
  • The PIO Parliamentarian forum was planned last year during a conversation with Prime Minister NarendraModi to connect the lawmakers of Indian origin with their ancestral land, the Minister said
  • Swaraj made special mention of the Indian community in Mauritius which had emerged as the leading player in the island nation. “Gandhiji inspired people in Mauritius to get education and increase political awareness and that is why after a few generations, they have achieved political leadership,” she said congratulating the “girmitiyas” living abroad for their success

What did PM say?

Inaugurating the conference and highlighting the cultural link with the diaspora,

  • Your ancestors had to leave India under various circumstances and that is why when you return to an Indian airport, you are reminded of your ties with this country. You have a desire to return to India and I understand your feelings very well. On the one hand, you have preserved Indian culture. On the other hand your people have excelled in sports, arts, cinema in the global platforms and have contributed to your adopted country’s welfare
  • He mentioned the presence of former Guyanese President Bharat Jagdeo, and noted that from Mauritius to Guyana, there were several Indian-origin individuals who had become leaders of their countries. “We have a mini-world Parliament in front of us today,” he said

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