PM action plan: Single environment Act, birth certificate for citizenship, jobs clause in FTAs

What is the News?

The Government of India has prepared a comprehensive 60-point action plan following the Prime Minister’s marathon meeting with secretaries of all departments and ministries.

What are the key features of the 60 point action plan?

The plan is targeted at specific ministries and departments and mainly focuses on three areas. These areas are: 

Leveraging IT and Technology for Governance

The action plan aims to do the following.

-To streamline disbursement of scholarships,

-To bridge the digital divide for underprivileged students by developing indigenous tablets and laptops,

-To digitize all land records by 2023 under the central database called ‘Matribhumi.’ 

Improve Business Climate

Under this, the action plan aims to,

-Doing away completely with certain permissions and automatic notification of clearances,

-Reducing the cost of starting a business in 10 sectors and bringing it on a par with Vietnam and Indonesia,

-Incentives to states for timely land acquisition and forest clearances,

One comprehensive Environment Management Act that subsumes various laws in the sector,

-Using Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping for decision making to increase the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product),

-Pushing for jobs while negotiating trade pacts.

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​​Upgrading the Civil Services

Under this, the action plan aims to do the following.

-Training of officers on various aspects of infrastructure in both the Centre and states, 

-Performance-based working, clear and specific targets for ministries and departments just like that for public sector undertakings, 

-Institutional mechanisms for addressing issues of states given their limited capacities,

-Departments and ministries can borrow from successes achieved by others. For instance, the Department of Sports has been asked to adopt the Odisha model for the promotion of sports at a national level.

Other Key Features of the Action Plan

Niti Aayog to target poverty eradication within five years. 

Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to plan residential facilities for service staff engaged in construction to prevent the formation of slums. 

To use Aadhaar for bringing together beneficiary oriented schemes of different ministries

Source: This post is based on the article PM action plan: Single environment Act, birth certificate for citizenship, jobs clause in FTAs published in Indian Express on 20th October 2021.

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