PM Modi inaugurates National Metrology Conclave 2021

News: The Prime Minister has inaugurated the National Metrology Conclave through video conferencing.


  • National Metrology Conclave: It is organized by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL) which is entering into its 75th year of inception.
  • Theme: ‘Metrology for the Inclusive Growth of the Nation’.

Key Highlights of the PM’s Address:

  • India has broken into the top 50 of the Global Innovation Ranking.
  • India ranks 3rd in peer-reviewed science and engineering publications which shows an emphasis on basic research.
  • Historically, any country has progressed in direct correlation to its effort to promote science. He termed this ‘value creation cycle’ of Science, Technology, and Industry.
    • Value Creation Cycle: Under this, the scientific invention creates technology and technology leads to industry development. Industry, in turn, invests further in science for new research. This cycle keeps on taking us in the direction of new possibilities.

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Key Initiatives launched at Conclave:

  • National Atomic Timescale: It will create the Indian Standard Time with 2.8 nanoseconds of accuracy. Hence, from now on Indian Standard Time is matching the International Standard Time with an accuracy range of less than 3 nanoseconds.
  • Bhartiya Nirdeshak Dravya: It is a laboratory that would help the industry to make quality products in sectors like Heavy metals, Pesticides, Pharma, and Textiles by drafting a ‘Certified Reference Material System’.
  • National Environmental Standards Laboratory: It will aid self-reliance in the certification of ambient air and industrial emission monitoring equipment.

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