PM virtually addresses Plenary Session of 7th Eastern Economic Forum

Source: The post is based on the articlePM virtually addresses Plenary Session of 7th Eastern Economic Forum” published in AIR on 7th September 2022

What is the News?

The Prime Minister of India has virtually addressed the Plenary Session of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum.

What are the key highlights from the PM’s address at the 7th Eastern Economic Forum?

India has been emphasizing on the need to adopt the path of diplomacy and dialogue since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict, and it supports all peaceful efforts to end the conflict.

India has made significant investments in the Russian Far East in the fields of pharma and diamond.

India is also keen to strengthen its partnership with Russia on Arctic subjects and there is immense scope for cooperation in the field of energy as well.

This month marks 30 years since the establishment of the Consulate of India in Vladivostok (Russia). India was the first country to open a consulate in this city. 

What is Eastern Economic Forum(EEF)?

EEF is an international platform for establishing and strengthening ties within the Russian and global investment communities.

The objective is to support the economic development of Russia’s Far East and to expand international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

It was established by the Decree of the Russian President in 2015. In accordance with the Decree, the meeting of the Forum takes place each year in Vladivostok, Russia.

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