Policymakers must promote research under NEP

Synopsis  The policymakers that finetuned the NEP and give shape to Atmanirbhar Bharat, must also nurture institutional frameworks that enable research. 


  • The NEP also fosters creativity, developing employability and inviting foreign institutions to set up campuses in India.
  • We are working to make India a “knowledge economy” in the 21st century and the National Education Policy (NEP) will also tackle the issues of brain drain, said Prime Minister recently.
  • However, there is an absence of much required cutting edge research system. The challenges this system facing are related to funding, academic autonomy, designing robust processes for recruitment of faculty, counselling arrangements for early-career researchers, and systems to help overcome the many barriers to equality and diversity.

Why India does not have cutting edge research framework?

  • First, Lack of research institutes– Only few institutions like TIFR, IITs, across the country and are outside university systems, conducting cutting edge research.
  • Second, Lack of freedom– Most universities in India do not have the freedom to design courses, find creative ways to raise funds, lack of collaboration between industry and academia.
  • Third, Lack of collaboration between industry and academia – India is lacking in conducting research that is both practically relevant and scientifically rigorous.

On the other hand, In US, Pfizer [premier biopharmaceutical company], and the University of California have created systems to combine academic thinking with drug development expertise.

What are the most effective strategies to generate cutting edge research ecosystem?

  • First, there is need to shift university admission process for the success of New Education Policy (NEP),
    • Currently, non-viable high cut-offs speak of an education system that does not encourage creative learning.
  • Second, there is a need for a strong collaboration between the universities and industries to come up with innovative ideas in research along with higher investments in R&D.

Therefore, policymakers should look after the institutional framework that enables research.

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