Test 9 : Political Science Mains Marathon



Q.1. How do you explain the growing importance of Multi-National Corporations (MNC’s) and civil society in the contemporary international politics?

Q.2. Is the rise of social movement a sign of opening up of popular space in political process or decline of representative politics? Examine.

Q.3. What is the traditional approach? How significant it is in present times?

Q.4. “The traditional principle of sovereignty which plays a crucial role in foreign policy of any nation is increasingly diluted by the growth of interdependence” Discuss.

Q.5. “Development in the contemporary discourse has dimensions larger than just economics”. Discuss.

Q.6. Examine the significance of Ideology and policy aspect in the structural growth of modern political parties.

Q.7. Elucidate the trans-disciplinary nature o modern comparative politics and identify the contributions of political sociologist towards this goal.

Q.8. “Nation and states have become virtually synonymous.” Elucidate.

Q.9. Evaluate the nature and distinction of anomic and associations interest groups in the pressure politics of the developing nations.

Q.10. Discuss the third world perspective on the causes and cures of underdevelopment.

All Mains Marathon Optional Questions are updated in this page.


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