Political Science Optional Test 11 : Mains Marathon


Test 11 : Political Science Mains Marathon

Q.1. India needs a Pakistan policy and not mere posture that are knee jerk responses. Comment.

Q.2. Why is India reluctant to play a larger role in Afghanistan? Discuss.

Q.3. Evaluate relation between India-Japan in the context of rise of china. Is the alliance natural or reactionary?

Q.4. Discuss the relevance of BRICS for India’s foreign policy. How effective has India been in this grouping?

Q.5. What is ‘new normal’? How can global inward looking affect India?

Q.6. What are the reforms demanded by India in UNSC? Evaluate steps taken by India in this direction.

Q.7. Discuss the elements of continuity and change in India’s foreign policy.

Q.8. Highlight the relevance of Non-Alignment in present global scenario.

Q.9. Evaluate India’s recent de-hyphenation of Israel and Palestine policy.

Q.10. What are the constrains in India’s Africa policy? Does it remain neglected?

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