Political Science Optional Test 12 : Mains Marathon


Test 12 : Political Science Mains Marathon

Note: This is the last Political Science Mains Marathon Optional Test. All the Best! 

Q.1. Discuss about the changing nature of India’s foreign policy.

Q.2. How has USA’s war on terror affected India’s security policy in Afghanistan? How independent is India’s afghan policy from that of USA?

Q.3. Do mainstream theories merely legitimize the global status quo?

Q.4. Write a note on communication theory of International relations.

Q.5. What challenges does CPEC possess to India’s strategic interest in the region? Can this inevitable event be turned into an opportunity?

Q.6. Explain the relationship between ‘anarchy and sovereignty’ in the realist construction of International relations.

Q.7. What are the timeless truth in realist theory? What are the key ideas of Waltz theory of structural realism?

Q.8. What is the relevance of BRICS to India in present time? What are the impediments in realizing full potential about this organization?

Q.9. What is the present status of global disarmament? How necessary is this, considering present threats from north Korea? What more needs to be done?

Q.10. Write a short note on India’s act east Asia policy.

All Mains Marathon Optional Questions are updated in this page.


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