Polity Definitions

  1. Co-operative federalism
  2. Judicial review
  3. Bicameralism  Voice Vote separation of power
  4. Defamation
  5. Sedition
  6. Decentralised approach
  7. Parliamentary privileges. Co-operative federalism
  8. Criminal defamation right to dissent
  9. Criminal justice system
  10. Indra Sawhney vs UOI case or The Mandal case
  11. Competitive Welfarism
  12. In House inquiry Procedure
  13. Pragmatic federalism collaborative federalism doctrine of Pith and substance cooperative federalism
  14. Doctrine of colourable legislation
  15. Horizontally enforceable Fundamental Right Vertically enforceable Fundamental Right
  16. Circuit Bench
  17. Lok Adalats
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