Poll panel to brainstorm on key issues

Poll panel to brainstorm on key issues


  1. Election commission discussing how to address online party campaign during last 48 hours before election.

Important facts:

2. Election commission of India has shown concern over maintaining the party campaign silent is last 48 hours before election.

3. The law prohibits canvassing during last 48 hours before election.

4. These help voters to cast their vote without any influence created by political party in last minute.

5. The commission has also considering bringing print media under section 126(1) (b) of RPA Act.

6. Section 126 (1) (b) of RPA lists mediums in which display of election matter is prohibited and includes television, cinematograph or similar apparatus.

7. Apart from this, other issues include participation of women and election expenditure by political party.

8. Currently we only have figure of 11.4 % women participation in Lok Sabha lower than global average of 22 %.

9. The present law provide expenditure limit on candidate only but not political party as a whole.

10. Election Commission seeking advice if expenditure ceiling can be imposed on political party too.

11. Commission has proposed ceiling should be either 50 % or not more than the expenditure ceiling of a candidate multiply by number of candidates.

12. Political parties to provide the views on state legislative council election also as huge amount of unaccounted money is spent on it.

13. Management of migrants and absentee voters through proxy, e-voting and postal needs to be considered.

14. Voting rights to be ensured by linking Voter ID with Adhaar.

15. Other suggestion of EC include, one time registration for migrants, spreading voter’s right awareness, helpline support number for domestic migrants etc.

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