Positioning India in a chaotic world

Source– The post is based on the article “Positioning India in a chaotic world” published in The Hindu on 21th September 2022.

Syllabus: GS2- International Relations

Relevance– India foreign policy

News-The article explains India ‘s new version of non-aligned foreign policy. It also explains the changing geopolitical scenario and the need to re-look at our foreign policy priorities.

What is the new version of non-alignment?

It reflects a desire to be part of two blocs and open association with all.

It represents a new version of non-alignment that looks for an independent path in world affairs. Rather than non-alignment of past, it is multiple engagements with others.

During the SCO summit, India advised Russia that it is not an era of war but an era of democracy, dialogue and diplomacy. He also praised both Russia and Ukraine for evacuation of Indian students. It shows our new version of foreign policy.

A test case will be India’s relation with Iran. Us has threatened to put sanctions on India if it engages with Iran.

In recent times, India foreign policy appears to be passive rather than active. India abstained from voting in the UN on the Ukraine issue. During the crisis in Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, India did not engage proactively.

What should be our new strategy in the changed strategic scenario?

India is facing the confluence of new situations and threats, which often interests.

We need to have a re-look at our understanding of regional and international tensions.

We need to have a new paradigm of thought. But we should not completely abandon our past priority of remaining independent of conflicting blocs.

What should be India’s strategy to deal with China?

China represents a near-term threat. We should not think that the relationship will always remain adversarial. We should leave our door open for improvement in the longer term.

We should not overlook the fact that the primary conflict between India and China is civilizational and not territorial.

Along with long-term improvement, we should manage relations with China in the near-term in the context of growing Russia-China closeness. We need to manage relationships with both Russia and China.

Why do we need to have a re-look at the nuclear dimension?

There is a need for reconsideration in the context of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. There are concerns about the possible use of nuclear weapons.

There is growing sophistication of Chinese and Pakistan nuclear forces.

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