Prelims 2020 Date to be POSTPONED : New date to be Announced on/after May 3

Dear Friends,

Corrigendum :

The words of the Honourable Minister “uski taarikh aage karni padegi” has been wrongly translated as “dates to be advanced” in the email to some followers of this blog. The error is deeply regretted. The words have to be read as “postponed”. With respect to authenticity of the Interview, the Interview is given on the Doordarshan News Channel – which is the State Broadcaster and a trusted News Channel. Readers may type below any other translation/interpretations of the speech in the comments below, and we will gladly update it, if found to be a better translation.

This is to update you that in an Interview with DD National, the Minister for Personnel has announced that IAS Preliminary 2020 dates will be postponed. New Dates will be announced on May 3, by the Commission.

Please view the Interview between 23:00 minutes to 26 minutes.

The Minister Said

“For long, through Social Media and other media, many youth were asking Prelims Exam, when will it be conducted. It is natural that till this condition lasts, nothing can happen. There are some studious people who need to make a plan in advance.

Two days back, UPSC with a circular has announced that whatever will happen will happen after the Lockdown. Through your medium, we want to tell the youth that Preliminary dates will have to be postponed. But that decision will be taken after 3 May.

“Preliminary jo hone wala tha, uski taarikh aage karni padegi” ( sic)

Preliminary which was to be conducted. The Date for that has to be postponed. The decision for that shall be taken after May 3.”

You can watch a shortened clip of the Interview below


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