An Open Letter to Friends who did not Clear the Mains – by Poonam Dahiya IRS

The declaration of Mains result becomes a cause of celebration for some and ironically it is also the reason behind tears, hurt and pain for all those who are not so lucky this time. It painful, even if you are not writing the exam, because our friends and near and dear ones are. I amRead Full Article

5 Rules to keep in Mind for Answer Writing for Mains

Dear Friends, We see a lot of enthusiasm in Answer Writing for Mains through the Mains Marathon Initiative. While some of you are writing brilliant answers, I would like to share 5 pointers with you with respect to answer writing practice for Mains through the Mains Marathon. We are sharing these broad pointers with you which weRead Full Article

ENGLISH LITERATURE Optional Strategy for UPSC Mains

When reading 14th-15th-16th Century [William Shakespeare’s King Lear and The Tempest ] the following questions are very important, and would be useful across both texts. [this is not an exhaustive list]. 1) The Renaissance – most important movement, although Shakespeare doesn’t necessarily show renaissance traits in his plays [which are better represented by Christopher Marlowe],Read Full Article

Optimising your time after Mains – Preparing for the Interview & More

“The sweet smell of freedom. And it wouldn’t have been possible without you, neywan, thanks!” – she chuckled. On the evening of the final UPSC Mains examination. A year back, after the Mains, when we first ( almost ) spoke, she wasn’t exactly sure about how her paper had gone. She wasn’t alone. There wereRead Full Article

Free Material by Mango Dolly ( ITS, IRS) : Public Administration Notes 2.0

Read this previous Article by Mango Dolly before going further : Public Administration Notes by Mango Dolly ( ITS, IRS) This post has been contributed by mango_dolly – one of ForumIAS’s oldest members, one of the few people who has performed well in Public Administration Optional even when the optional did not perform well. HeRead Full Article