Prepare for CSE 2022 with ForumIAS Targeted Courses

Dear Friends,

Prepare for UPSC CSE 2022 with ForumIAS Self Study and Foundation Courses:

Comprehensive Guidance Program 2022 – Pre-cum-Mains foundation program for freshers by ForumIAS – Cohort 5 – Starts 21st October

Essay Guidance Program 2022 – Master the skill-set for writing essays that can help you fetch 150+ marks in Mains Examination – Starts 24th October

Geography Optional Foundation Program – Comprehensive coverage of all the topics with examples/case studies based on current affairs; Use of diagrams, maps, and flowcharts to visualize and memorize geographical data – Starts 26th October

Sociology Optional Foundation Program – Improve competence through meticulously designed classes covering concepts and its applications, crisp handouts with coverage of dynamic portion and PYQ Discussions – Starts 26th October

Mains Guidance Program 2022 – Join India’s most trusted and proven mentor-guided Mains Test Series – Cohort 5 – Starts 28th October 

Ethics+ Classes 2022 –  Prepare GS IV Theory and Case Studies with ForumIAS Ethics+ Classes. This program has consistently helped toppers score highly in GS Paper IV – Starts 29th October

Anthropology Optional Foundation 2022– Holistic coverage of concepts and theories with relevant examples and case studies. Intra-syllabus discussion will be emphasized upon in order to connect different units of the paper with each other. Starts 1st Nov.

Sociology Augmented Test Series 2022 – Comprehensive coverage of CSE syllabus. Incorporated value addition to fetching extra marks. Mentorship with valuable insights, Synchronisation with current socio-economic factors. Starts 25th November.

Anthropology Optional Test Series 2022–  Additional classes and comprehensive discussion on test papersDiscussion with the mentor to get insights on requisite presentation and content improvement. Tailor-made strategic grooming of each candidate. – Starts 24th November

Current Affairs Classes 2022 – Issue-based Current Affairs Program with crisp notes, differentiated content, and a sense of completion for CSE. – Starts 27th November.

For Enrolment and more details on these programs, you can visit our academy website at All programs are available in Online as well as Offline modes.


Why ForumIAS?

Because with ForumIAS you can never be wrong with your GS score. Ask Divya Mishra, IAS Rank 28, who has secured 455 marks in GS, or ForumIAS foundation students Aditya (444 marks in GS), Vasanth (424 marks in GS). More than 30+ verified students who have scored 440+ in GS. Because at ForumIAS, our single goal is to make sure that you get selected. Because at ForumIAS, we eat competition.


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