Preparing India for a sporting future

Source: Indian Express

Relevance: Sports ecosystem in India

Synopsis:  Though India has a large and talented population as well as a history of sporting excellence, but still it has struggled to raise medal count. A look at the causes and suggestions to bring a change.


In Tokyo 2020, India won first gold in athletics, the hockey team did wonders and there were successes in other sports such as discus throw, golf, fencing, etc.

The Target Olympic Podium Scheme, Khelo India and the Fit India Campaign have laid the foundations for greater success.

Issues with India’s sports ecosystem
  1. One issue is the inability to create the right supporting atmosphere.
  2. Sports generate much interest, but there is a wide gap between incentives and participation.
  3. Lack of grassroots sporting culture. India needs regional leagues to provide an opportunity for young athletes. Also, university system can be transformed into an oasis for Olympic excellence.
  4. The conventional route is bureaucratic. It needs to be simplified, with yesteryear’s sports persons leading the charge.
  5. Another issue is the rise of modern technology. This generation gives much importance to play station than playing fields, leading to a lack in physical sports activity.
  6. Lastly, there is need for a shift in parental attitude towards sports. With government, and the corporate sector support for our players, they will realize that sports make for an attractive and honorable career.
  1. Encouraging states towards “One State, One Sport” outlook to bring a focussed approach. They can prioritize one game or promote a few based on the available talent pool, natural interest, climatic conditions and available infrastructure.
  2. Corporates in India should adopt “One Sport, One Corporate”. It can help in budding talent, building leagues, enhancing the fan experience, marketing as well as merchandising to enhance the financial kitty of players.
  3. The National Education Policy also consists of mechanisms that will make sports education an attractive option. For example, India’s first sports university in Manipur.
  4. The sponsorship pattern has transitioned from FMCG brands to new FinTech. This can be a win-win for players, corporates, and the game itself.
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