Psychology Optional Test 1 for UPSC Mains 2017 : Mains Marathon


Dear Friends, Here is the 1st Mains Marathon Psychology Optional Test.

Below is the Test:

Psychology Mains Marathon

Learning And Perception 1. Learning is an incidental process. Explain this statement in light of theoretical evidence. 2. Differentiate between social and object perception. 3. How signal detection theory supports S-O-R psychology and state it’s relevance to vigilance mechanism. 4. Perceptual defence is considered as a subset of subliminal perception.Comment.Can Subliminal perception be generalized? 5. Is perception innate or acquired?Explain with the help of relevant studies. 6. Evaluate the notion of programmed learning and describe it’s relevance for modern day education with suitable examples. 7. Describe the processing of sensory input and explain how it is selected, organised and interpreted. Peyton Manning – Tennessee Volunteers 8. Is perception a constructive process? Explain in light of studies on illusions and constancies. 9. Explain the bottom up approach to perception with its limitations. 10. State the role of reinforcement in classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Is there any alternative perspective to the concept of the reinforcement than that of Skinner’s concept? 11.

  • What are the biological constraints on learning? Comment in light of experimental evidence. 12. Are generalization and discrimination two sides of the same coin? Explain with the help of suitable experimental studies

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    Note: We will be coming up with Psychology Optional Mains Marathon Study Plan soon.

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