PT Facts

PT Facts

  1. United Nations honoured Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the ‘Champions of the Earth Award’.

About Champions of the Earth award: It is the United Nations highest environmental honour recognizing visionary people and organisations all over the world that exemplify leadership and advocate action on sustainable development, climate change and a life of dignity for all.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) invites nominations from individuals and organizations who exemplify leadership and advocate action on sustainable development and climate change at the national, regional and global levels.

  1. Goblin:
  • A newly discovered dwarf planet, nicknamed ‘The Goblin’ and formally known as 2015 TG387 has the largest orbit of all the extremely distant objects that stay well beyond Pluto.
  • The Goblin got its nickname because the scientists first observed it around Halloween 2015. It is considered an Inner Oort Cloud object.

  • It has the largest mass yet found at its distance from the Sun, and its current location is about 2½ times farther from the sun than from Pluto.
  • Given its orbit, the Goblin never comes close enough to the giant planets in our solar system to be affected by their gravitational influence.
  • Its orbit supports the existence of Planet X, or Planet 9,distant and elusive, presumed to be the ninth planet of the Solar System.
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