Prelims 2020 Test Series (PTS)

Prelims 2020 Test Series (PTS)

the only test series you will ever need to crack Prelims 2020.
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(31 GS Sectional Tests + 8 CSAT Tests + 4 All India Open GS Mock Tests + 8 GS Simulator Tests + 4 CSAT Simulator Tests)
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Dear Friends,
We are happy to share with you that we shall be commencing with Prelims Test Series (PTS) 2020 on 21 July 2019.

What is common between Saumya Pandey (Rank 4), Abhishek Chaurasiya (Rank 5), Himanshu Jain (Rank 44), Ashima Mittal (Rank 12) and Minal Karanwal (Rank 35)?

Two things:

  • They are all training at LBSNAA as IAS Officers.
  • They were part of the ForumIAS Prelims Test Series.

PTS has been the first ever program that we launched at ForumIAS. Over many years now, we have received multiple feedbacks both positive and negative which have been implemented diligently to make the program more effective for the students.  Our Simulator™ tests have created a niche for themselves and are highly recommended by the Rankers.

The philosophy behind ForumIAS Prelims Test SeriesBasics to Pro”

We at ForumIAS believe in gradual progression and incremental improvement in achieving your ultimate milestone. What it needs is just a consistent year-long hard work.

The PTS has been designed on the above-mentioned philosophy to take a student from “basics to pro”. The PTS has been broken down to 4 levels each one of them trying to enforce one habit and achieving a specific outcome. We have elaborated on the levels below:


Over the years many Prelims questions have become controversial in terms of what their answer should be. Most of these answers can be directly found in the NCERT basic books.

NCERTs provide conceptual clarity as well as covers a good amount of syllabus for subjects like History and Geography. Some of the chapters of NCERTs are important for Environment and Science and Tech as well. Many a student fail to comprehensively read the NCERTs.

This level ensures that every single student reads the NCERTs and figure out the questions that can be framed from them. The focus on one set of books with specific chapters mentioned seeks to stop you from getting lost in multiple reading sources. This will help prepare a solid foundation for GS questions.


The second level focuses on creating a knowledge base which adds to the basics built through the NCERTs.

For each subject, one, maximum two, recommended text books are provided. The level ensures that you complete these books in entirety and accumulation of all the information necessary for the prelims.

The addition to the knowledge base will help solve application-based questions. The NCERTs along with recommended textbooks will complete more or less the Prelims Syllabus in its entirety. This now sets the stage to start the revision.


In this level, one will seek to develop problem-solving skills and aptitude development. It will help provide the learning curve from solving elementary problems based on textbooks to solving questions not found in books, but solvable on the basis of the knowledge base.

This level will seek to provide revision of the entire syllabus covered under Level 1 and Level 2. It will also address value addition from higher books like DD Basu.


The level will simulate pattern, difficulty level and distribution of subjects based on past 5 – 6 years of UPSC Prelims paper. It seeks to prepare test takers for any kind of question paper that might come in the Final UPSC Prelims Paper.

The level will help evaluate test taker’s problem-solving skills and decision-making skills in answering questions.

It will provide an All India Ranking and timely assessment of their standing in the examination vis-à-vis competition at a National Level. It will help the student gauge the competition and be ready to face the competition in the UPSC prelims exam.

It will allow test takers to take corrective measures while there is still time. It will help test takers to revise 1000 most important topics relevant for Prelims 2020.

Across the levels:

Current Affairs will have a weight of 20 – 30% across all the tests. We will be covering current affairs from June 2018 to April 2020. The coverage of current affairs will be in a targeted manner.

The tests will also incorporate India Year Book, Economic Survey 2019 – 2020 and Union Budget 2020 – 2021.

Each level will have complimentary CSAT tests across all levels to ensure it doesn’t become a pain point for any ForumIAS test takers in Final UPSC Prelims Paper.

Outcome of ForumIAS PTS 2020:

The PTS 2020 is an exhaustive plan to develop knowledge and problem-solving skills for a test taker. If taken up diligently and followed in a disciplined manner, it guarantees a rock-solid preparation for Prelims 2020 for a test taker.

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