Public Administration Optional Test 2 for UPSC Mains 2017 : Mains Marathon


Dear Friends, We are left with less than 100 days for UPSC 2017 Civil Service Mains exam. Considering the current pattern of questions related to Public Administration optional, we need to focus more on Answer writing. As you are aware that no strategy is perfect. So, we request all of you to adopt and have faith with your own strategy. In this Mains Marathon Optional Initiative, we will focus more on the answer writing part. We will try to provide you 10 questions each week, till the Mains. The question set will be comprised from all section of the syllabus (Paper 1 and Paper 2).

Important Points to consider :

  • Try to understand the question and read it more than two times to understand what the examiner wants.
  • Answer should be clear and have quality information.
  • Always try to start with Why aspect and then move to What aspect of question.
  • If possible try to Interlink Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Adding examples from Paper 2 , Quoting thinkers idea , Recommendation from ARC, Punchi Commission etc. would enrich your answer.
  • Do not try to write answer like Essay paper, try to be more accurate with points and keep it small with data and statistics.
  • Your knowledge on Current Affairs matters a lot. You need to add current issue with its solution to your answer.
  • Try to add public policy issue and its solution in every answer.
  • Structure of answer carry more importance. So, focus on structuring of answer.
  • We will try to cover question from many sources like Previous year question papers , various standard books , reports , Current Events , etc.

The plan has started from 23rd-Jul-2017 and will end on 30th-Sep-2017. The Plan won’t carry any sectional test . It will be a comprehensive test carrying 10 question from each section of syllabus. Paper 1 will have 5 and Paper 2 will have 5 questions . All the Best.

Test 2

1. The economic theory of motivation is based upon the argument that people feel motivated when rewarded with money. Justify your answer with present phase of work culture. 2. A major problem with comparative public administration is that it has been behavioral. Comment. 3. Political environment conditions administrative system. Comment, with reference to Riggs. 4. Media is a parliament of citizens . Explain with reference to current issues. 5. Judicial activism is only for short term. Do you agree? If it continues for longer term, it will destroy the power of executive and legislature . 6. Simon’s concept of efficiency equates it with economy and leads to an inconsistent relationship between means and ends. Discuss. 7. The success of e-government projects in most developing countries is stated to be rather low. Assess the reasons. 8. The legislative relations between union and state government are more biased towards union government. Comment. 9. District administration carry much work then its capacity. Do you agree?Justify with current examples. 10. Public interest is still inadequate as a ground concept to evaluate public policy. Discuss critically.

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