Pune hub to track vaccine chain across 41 key cities

News: A command and control centre has been set up at Airports Authority of India Cargo Logistics and Allied Services Company Limited(AAICLAS) to monitor the movement of COVID-19 vaccines.


Vaccine Tracker

Source: The Hindu

  • What will AAICLAS do? It will be the nodal body for coordinating air transportation of the vaccines across a network of 41 airports with Pune — where vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India is located — as the hub.
  • Process of Vaccine Transportation:
      • The 41 airports or cities where transportation efforts will be focused include Karnal, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, each of which has a Government Medical Stores Depot (GMSD) of the Central government’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
      • Once vaccines dispatched by the manufacturers arrive at these four big depots, they will be further distributed across 37 State depots.
      • Thereafter, they will be sent to district depots and finally to the primary health care centres.
      • Each of these centres has a temperature tracker which will upload temperature data on a central server for real time monitoring.

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