Punjab uses tech against illicit brewing

What is the News?

Earlier, Punjab’s Excise Department has launched Operation Red Rose to curb illicit liquor trading and excise-related crimes. The operation is bearing fruitful results.

What is Operation Red Rose?

Operation Red Rose was launched to ensure that there should not be illicit or illegal movement of liquor in Punjab. 

As part of the operation, Punjab Government has taken several measures such as 

  • Making the entire manufacturing process of liquor online, which is monitored in real-time
  • A separate control room for team members to monitor the quantity, brand of the liquor being processed at a given manufacturing unit.
  • Flow-meters in bottling plants
  • QR code-based passes
  • GPS-enabled transport vehicles and 
  • e-transit passes.
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What is the significance of the operation?

The operation has curbed different modules of excise theft such as the direct supply of liquor from the manufacturing unit without paying excise duty; liquor smuggling from neighbouring States and preparing liquor in villages especially in the areas adjacent to rivers.

Moreover, the operation has also led to a rise in revenue and an increase in the number of FIRs and arrests, besides the rise in conviction rate.

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Source: This post is based on the article “Punjab uses tech against illicit brewing” published in The Hindu on ‘24th October 2021.’

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