Q. Gravelyia boro, Dexippus kleini, Proszynskia diatreta, Piranthus decorus have been in news recently. What species do they belong to?

[A] Spider

[B] Snake

[C] Butterfly

[D] Fish

Answer: A

All are species of spiders 

  • Two species of spiders sharing the same space – the Jharbari range of western Assam’s Chirang Reserve Forest – have spun a web of cheer for fauna in India. 
  • Gravelyia boro, the burrow spider, is new to science. Dexippus kleini, the oriental jumping spider, has been recorded for the first time since its original description 129 years ago by Swedish arachnologist Tord Tamerlan Teodor Thorell about 2,600 km away in Sumatra. 
  • The name of the burrow spider has been derived from the Bodo community, one of the largest ethnolinguistic groups in Assam and predominantly inhabiting the area where the new species of spider was recorded