Q. According to Indian State of Forest Report (ISFR) estimates, which of the following state has the highest carbon stock of forests?

[A] Madhya Pradesh

[B] Arunachal Pradesh

[C] Goa

[D] Tripura

Answer: B

Explanation: The Indian State of Forest Report (ISFR) estimates the carbon stock of forests to be about 7,204 million tonnes in 2019, which is an increase of 79.4 million tonnes of carbon stock as compared to the estimates of the previous assessment for 2017.

  • This translates into carbon emissions sequestrated through forest and tree cover to be 30.1 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent.
  • Among the Indian States, Arunachal Pradesh has the maximum carbon stock in forests (1023.84 million tonnes), followed by Madhya Pradesh (609.25 million tonnes).

Source: Economic Survey 2023