Q. According to the Permanent Settlement, Zamindars were defined as the:
1. Owner of Land
2. Revenue Collector of the state
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

[A] 1 only

[B] 2 only

[C] Both 1 and 2

[D] Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: B

The problem, however, lay in identifying individuals who could both improve agriculture and contract to pay the fixed revenue to the state.  

  • After a prolonged debate amongst Company officials, the Permanent Settlement was made with the rajas and taluqdars of Bengal.  
  • They were now classified as zamindars, and they had to pay the revenue demand that was fixed in perpetuity.  
  • In terms of this definition, the zamindar was not a landowner in the village, but a revenue Collector of the state. 

Source: NCERT Themes in Indian History Part 3.