Q. Among the following which one is the least water-efficient crop?

[A] Sugarcane

[B] Sunflower

[C] Pearl millet

[D] Red gram

Answer: A

Why this Question: Sustainable agriculture has been the major aim of the Government. Also, water guzzling crops like sugarcane has been in news. 

Ans) a  

Exp) Option a is correct. 

Option a is correct. Sugarcane is the least water efficient crop. Among the given options, its water requirement is 1800-2200 mm/season which is highest 

Option b is incorrect. Sunflowerwater requirement was estimated at 672.4 mm/season. 

Option c is incorrect. Pearl millet is a drought tolerant crop. 

Water requirement: 350 mm/season. 

Option d is incorrect. Red gram uses about 250-400 mm/season of water.  

Source:  http://www.ikisan.com/ka-redgram-water-management.html 



 Subject) Geography