Q. Arrange the following battles fought by Babur in chronological order:
1. Battle of Chanderi
2. Battle of Panipat
3. Battle of Khanwa
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

[A] 1 u2013 2 u2013 3

[B] 2 u2013 3 u2013 1

[C] 2 u2013 1 u2013 3

[D] 1 u2013 3 u2013 2

Answer: B

First Battle of Panipat, 21 April 1526: Babur then turned towards the Lodi governed Punjab. After several invasions, he defeated the formidable forces of Ibrahim Lodi with a numerically inferior army at Panipat. Babur won this battle with the help of strategic positioning of his forces and the effective use of artillery.

  • Battle of Khanwa, 1527: Babur decided to take on Rana Sanga of Chittor, who as ruler of Mewar, had a strong influence over Rajasthan and Malwa. Babur selected Khanwa, near Agra, as a favourable site for this inevitable encounter.
  • Battle of Chanderi, 1528: The next significant battle that ensured Babur’s supremacy over the Malwa region was fought against Medini Rai at Chanderi. Following this victory Babur turned towards the growing rebellious activities of Afghans.

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.