Q. B.N Srikrishna committee seen in news is related to

[A] To regulate digital lending platform in India

[B] To see Feasibility of Variable Capital Companies in International Financial Services Centres

[C] To review institutionalization of arbitration mechanism in India

[D] To formulate policy on disinvestment

Answer: C

Statement c is correct 

Recommendation of committee 

a) Disputemanagement: –
1) Creation of IMC (inter-ministerial committee) with official from Min of finance, external affairs and law. 

2)  Hiring of external lawyers with expertise in BITs, Designated fund to fight BITs
3) Creating post of “International law advisor” to the govt of India as a single authority to deal with all BITs

b) Dispute resolution-
1) Establishment of BIT appellate mechanism and multilateral investment court.
2)  Focus on ISDS (investor state dispute resolution) mechanism as given in India’s model BIT as an appellate mechanism to settle BIT disputes.  

Source IndianExpress