Q. Bandobast system of Akbar is related to which of the following?

[A] Land revenue system

[B] New Religious Policy

[C] Taxation Policy

[D] Military reforms

Answer: A


Land Revenue Administration

  • Akbar made some experiments in the land revenue administration with the help of Raja Todar Mal. The land revenue system of Akbar was called Zabti or Bandobast system.
  • It was further improved by Raja Todar Mal. It was known as Dahsala System which was completed in 1580. By this system, Todar Mal introduced a uniform system of land measurement.
  • The revenue was fixed on the average yield of land assessed on the basis of past ten years. The land was also divided into four categories – Polaj (cultivated every year), Parauti (once in two years), Chachar (once in three or four years) and Banjar (once in five or more years).
  • Payment of revenue was made generally in cash.

Source: Tamil Nadu Board Class 11