Q. Bollgard I and Bollgard II technologies are mentioned in the context of

[A] clonal propagation of crop plants

[B] developing genetically modified crop plants

[C] production of plant growth substances

[D] production of biofertilizers

Answer: B

Why this Question) The Centre considered writing off trait value charged from farmers for Bollgard-II variety of Bt cotton to ensure the seeds are available to farmers at affordable prices. (March 2020). 

Ans) b 

Exp) Option b is correct.  

Bollgard1 and Bollgard 2 help in developing genetically modified crop plants. Bollgard cotton provides in-built protection for cotton against destructive Bollworm infestations, and contains an insecticidal protein from a naturally occurring soil microorganism, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt).  

Bollgard Bt cotton (single-gene technology) is Indias first biotech crop technology approved for commercialization in India in 2002.  

Bollgard II technology contains a superior double-gene technology – Cry1Ac and Cry 2Ab which provides protection against bollworms and Spodoptera caterpillar.  

Source:   https://www.cropscience.bayer.in/en/Products-H/Brands/Seeds-and-Traits/Traits-Bollgard.aspx 

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