Q. Consider the following pairs:
           Buddhist Council                     Location
1. Second Buddhist Council        Rajagraha
2. Third Buddhist Council            Pataliputra
3. Fourth Buddhist Council       Kashmir
4. First Buddhist Council            Vaisali
How many of the pairs above is/are correctly matched?

[A] One pair only

[B] Two pairs only

[C] Three pairs only

[D] All four pairs

Answer: B

Explanation: Buddhist Councils:

  • The first Buddhist Council was held at Rajagraha under the chairmanship of Mahakasapa immediately after the death of Buddha.
  • Its purpose was to maintain the purity of the teachings of the Buddha.
  • The second Buddhist Council was convened at Vaisali around 383 B.C. The third Buddhist Council was held at Pataliputra under the patronage of Asoka. Moggaliputta Tissa presided over it.
  • The final version of Tripitakas was completed in this council. The fourth Buddhist Council was convened in Kashmir by Kanishka under the chairmanship of Vasumitra. Asvagosha participated in this council.
  • The new school of Buddhism called Mahayana Buddhism came into existence during this council. The Buddhism preached by the Buddha and propagated by Asoka was known as Hinayana.
  • The Buddhist texts were collected and compiled some five hundred years after the death of the Buddha. They are known as the Tripitakas, namely the Sutta, the Vinaya and the Abhidhamma Pitakas. They are written in the Pali language.

Source: Tamil Nadu state Board Class 11