Q. Consider the following pairs:
Harappan Sites         Material associated
1. Balakot                 Shells
2. Lothal                 Copper
3. Shortughai         Lapis Lazuli
How many of the above given pairs is/are correctly matched?

[A] One pair only

[B] Two Pairs only

[C] All Three pairs

[D] None

Answer: B

Explanation: Indus Valley Civilisation:

  • Materials from the subcontinent and beyond
  • The Harappans procured materials for craft production in various ways.
  • Nageshwar and Balakot areas were famous for shells.
  • Lothal which was near sources of carnelian (from Bharuch in Gujarat), steatite (from south Rajasthan and north Gujarat) and metal (from Rajasthan).
  • Another strategy for procuring raw materials may have been to send expeditions to areas such as the Khetri region of Rajasthan (for copper) and south India (for gold).
  • Sites such as Shortughai, in far-off Afghanistan, near the best source of lapis lazuli, a blue stone that was apparently very highly valued.

Source: Themes in Indian History