Q. Consider the following pairs::
Operations———- Reasons
1.Operation Raahat – Evacuation Indian citizens during Yemen Crisis
2.Operation Maitri – Evacuation of Indian citizens from Libyan Civil War
3.Operation Devi Shakti – Evacuation of Indian citizens during the Lebanon war
4.Operation Safe Homecoming – Launched for the earthquake in Nepal.
How many pairs given above are correctly matched?

[A] Only one pair

[B] Only two pairs

[C] Only three pairs

[D] All four pairs

Answer: A

Explanation – 1 is correctly matched.

Operation Maitri: It was a rescue and relief operation in Nepal carried out by the government of India and Indian armed forces in the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Operation Safe Homecoming: It was an operation launched by the Indian government in 2011 to evacuate its citizens, fleeing from the Libyan Civil War.

Operation Devi Shakti: Indians and foreign nationals were being evacuated from Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover of the nation.

Source: ForumIAS