Q. Consider the following rivers:
1. Brahmani
2. Nagawali
3. Subarnarekha
4. Vamsadhara
Which of the above rise from the Eastern Ghats?

[A] 1 and 2

[B] 2 and 4

[C] 3 and 4

[D] 1 and 3

Answer: B

Why this Question: Vamsadhara Water tribunal dispute order was in news. Also, there was impact of cyclone Gulab on Vamsadhara as well as Nagawali which received huge inflows of water from their rivulets. 

Ans) b 

Exp) Option b is correct.  

Statement 1 is incorrect. The Brahmani, known as South Koel in its upper reaches, rises near Nagri village in Ranchi district of Jharkhand at an elevation of about 600 m.  

Statement 2 is correct. The Nagavali river originate in the Eastern Ghats near Lakhbahal, located at an altitude of 1,300 metres in the Kalahandi district of the Indian state Odisha. Langulya is another name for Nagavali River. 

Statement 3 is incorrect. Subernarekha River originate in the Chhotnagpur Plateau near Nagri village in the Ranchi District of Jharkhand at an elevation of 600 m.   

Statement 4 is correct. Vamsadhara river rises in the Eastern Ghats of Orissa State and enters Srikakulam District in Bhamini Mandal and finally falls into the Bay of Bengal near Kalingapatnam. 

Source:  https://srikakulam.ap.gov.in/history/  


 Subject) Geography