Q. Consider the following statements about Ellora caves:
1. The rock-cut cave temples of Ellora are carved in Charanadri Hills.
2. The Ellora caves are designated as UNESCO world heritage site.
3. The temples are only linked to Buddhism and Brahamanism.
Which of the above given statements are correctly matched?

[A] 2 and 3 only

[B] 1 and 2 only

[C] 1 and 3 only

[D] 1, 2 and 3 only

Answer: B

The rock-cut cave temples in Ellora are in 34 caves, carved in Charanadri hills. Without knowledge of trigonometry, structural engineering, and metallurgy, the Indian architects could not have created such exquisite edifices.  

  • The patrons of these caves range from the dynasties of Chalukyas to Rashtrakutas. The heterodox sects first set the trend of creating this model of temples.  
  • Later, orthodox sects adopted it as a medium of disseminating religious ideologies. These temples were linked to Ajivikas, Jainism, Buddhism, and Brahmanism. 
  • The Ellora caves were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.