Q. Consider the following statements regarding Public Enterprises Survey
1. This is the first time the survey is conducted in India
2. Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) under Ministry of Finance will conduct the survey
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

[A] 1 only

[B] 2 only

[C] Both 1 and 2

[D] Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: B

Recently, The Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), Ministry of Finance has released the Annual Public Enterprises Survey 2019-20. 

Brief history of the Public Enterprises (PE) survey: 

  • The Estimates Committee in its 73rd Report (2nd Lok Sabha) in Financial Year 1959-60 recommended that there should be a detailed report highlighting the performance of CPSEs. 
  • The Bureau of Public Enterprises under the Ministry of Finance (now Department of Public Enterprises in the Ministry of Finance) drafted the first Public Enterprises Survey in the Financial Year 1960-61.  

Public Enterprises Survey 2019-20  

  • The Public Enterprises Survey 2019-20 is the 60th publication in this series. It provides essential statistical data for all CPSEs from various perspectives. 

Source: DPE brings out 60th annual Public Enterprises Survey 2019-20