Q. Constitution ―Drafting committee headed by which of the following given below person? 

[A] N GopalaswamyAyyangar

[B] AlladiKrishnaswamiAyyar

[C] K M Munshi

[D] Dr B R Ambedkar

Answer: D
  • Among all the committees of the Constituent Assembly, the most important committee was the Drafting Committee set up on August 29, 1947.
  • It was this committee that was entrusted with the task of preparing a draft of the new Constitution. It consisted of seven members. They were:
    • Dr B R Ambedkar (Chairman)
    • N GopalaswamyAyyangar
    • AlladiKrishnaswamyAyyar
    • Dr K M Munshi
    • Syed Mohammad Saadullah
    • N Madhava Rau (He replaced B L Mitter who resigned due to ill-health)
    • T TKrishnamachari (He replaced D P Khaitan who died in 1948).